Commercial Countertop Refinishing Fairmount

Bathrooms and kitchens get subject to the most wear and tear of any room whether you are in a rental home, apartment, dorm, hotel room, nursing home and even an office. Nothing shows its wear quite like the countertops in these areas and if they are in a visible state of disrepair, customers and clients will certainly think twice about doing business with you if haven’t done anything to restore their esthetic value.

And that’s where TDS 5 Home Improvement comes in. For years, we have been proud to offer Lemont businesses top notch countertop refinishing services to restore and improve the look and value of their property’s assets.

With our countertop refinishing experts at your service, we can help bring out the best in your existing surfaces without the need for expensive, time-consuming and messy replacement. Don’t let old and worn counters detract from your business, give TDS 5 Home Improvement a call today.

Countertop Refinishing Process

Though every Lemont business we work with has their own unique set of refinishing needs, the basic process we use to make sure quality work is being done is as follows.

Design Consultation

Planning is the first step of every job well-done. This may include answering your questions or simply choosing a texture or color that compliments your business’s décor. Either way, we get a chance to see what we’re up against.

Repair Imperfections

After scheduling a convenient appointment time, TDS 5 Home Improvement will visit your place of business to repair any imperfections to make sure the surface being refinished is good.

Apply the Finish

Once your countertops have been repaired, we will add the refinish of your choice, making it more durable and beautiful than before. It will be ready to use in almost no time at all.

We have a number of different options to match both your business’s esthetic and practical needs. Just reach out to us when you are ready to be the proud new owner of good-as-new countertops that will be the envy of your competitors. Call us today to find out what we can do to these often overlooked but very important assets.

Formica Refinishing

Formica is the leading manufacturer of laminate countertop material. Many, many Lemont businesses use Formica countertops because they are non-porous and easy to clean. But despite their ubiquity, they too need refinishing every now and then.

When it’s time to redo your Formica countertops, they must be cleaned and de-greased. Any burns, cuts or chips must be filled and sanded so that the final product is smooth, durable and ready to last for many years. When you choose TDS 5 Home Improvement to refinish your Formica countertops, they will look better, last longer and feel better than what you would get from a DIY refinishing kit. The convenience and quality of refinishing work is just one of the reasons why our countertop refinishing services are so sought after all over Lemont. If you want to see firsthand why businesses trust TDS 5 Home Improvement’s refinishing experts to restore their counters, contact us today.