Kitchen Remodeling in Lemont

Designer kitchens aren’t just for professional chefs. At TDS 5 Home Improvement we’ve been making designer features accessible to anyone who wants them. A custom kitchen contractor may seem like a steep expense, but kitchen remodel design is our specialty, and your resulting renovation will be a major investment into your home. Not only will your remodeled kitchen add guaranteed value to your home, but it will add years of enjoyment for you and your family.

Previous Lemont clients have been very pleased with their decision to remodel their kitchen, and we hope to make you our next satisfied customer!

Major or Minor Fixes

Over the years, the TDS 5 Home Improvement team has been faced with every job you can imagine. Some projects are major — kitchen additions, or floor to ceiling renovations. Others are smaller— remodeling cabinets, replacing appliances, or maximizing on pre-existing space to get our client better storage space.

When you’re thinking out how to plan a kitchen remodel, it doesn’t even have to be done all at once, though some certainly prefer it.

No matter what level of renovation you’re going for though, the same order of operations applies.

  1. After we’ve met to discuss costs and a timeline, our team will arrive at your home on the day of your choosing to begin.
  2. If we’re installing a new floor and/or walls, demolition of your old kitchen is the first step. After this, we will perform an inspection. Up until this point we will have only been able to consider your kitchen at face value, without really seeing its bones.
  3. Once the kitchen passes inspection, we’ll finish any walls that were stripped.
  4. We’ll replace doors and windows, if applicable.
  5. We build and install new cabinets.
  6. We build and install new cabinets.
  7. Any new appliances are then installed.
  8. Lighting is put in place.
  9. Finally, the new floor is installed and finished.

Conveniently located in Lemont, our clients here are priority number one. Even if you just need one or two items from the above list addressed, we can be on the job in a matter of days!

Make the most out of even the smallest kitchens by partnering with TDS 5 Home Improvement to head your remodeling project. We’ll save you time, money and effort.

Keep it Simple

We pride ourselves on making complicated remodeling projects a lot simpler. A custom kitchen contractor should be licensed, insured and bonded. We provide this for you, and more—a promise that your kitchen will blend with and flatter the rest of your home, adding monetary value. It will become more functional, and even feature a few surprise gadgets to make life that much easier.

Lemont clients rely on TDS 5 Home Improvement for up-front, honest estimates, and quality communication so they’re never kept in the dark through the build.

Why struggle with inexperienced kitchen remodeling companies, or break your back doing it yourself? Give us a call today and one of our team members will be happy to meet with you within the next few days and discuss whatever dreams you have for your kitchen.